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Oh, hi there!

Hi there! We are so excited to share a bit about ourselves with you, and hope that you will give us the opportunity to get to know you as well. 

Read below to learn a little more about how we got where we are today. The experiences we have had and the relationships we have built have helped us transform the lives of others. If what you read resonates with you, we encourage you to click the button below and schedule a chat.

Our Team

Colorful Notebooks

Dr. Gould's Story

Dr. Sarah Gould is driven by the belief that her role is to unleash human potential. She has dedicated her life to the study and practice of analyzing team and individual performance and using her expertise as an educator and corporate training practitioner to facilitate mental and behavioral breakthroughs that help organizations and individuals attain new levels of performance, success, and satisfaction.

Trained as a global leadership coach and facilitator with FranklinCovey, Dr. Gould has leveraged her mastery of curriculum development, instructional design and facilitation to advise, train and develop teams across a variety of sectors including government, military, K-12 education, small business, start-up, tech and non-profits just to name a few. Dr. Gould’s experience and track record for producing results extends far beyond the instruction. She has served as a senior operations leader for fast-growing, well-funded startups in the tech industry and has mastered the ability to design training programs that provide new skills and capabilities to developing leaders, empowering them to multiply their impact on their teams and drive tangible results.


Dr. Gould holds over 20 certifications in the fields of coaching, leadership and education and holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership. Her work has been featured in publications such as CNN, EdWeekly, PBS, multiple dissertations, and articles. 


Dr. Sarah Gould has a book titled, “The Learning Team” that will be published through FranklinCovey and will hit shelves in 2024.


I love meeting and connecting with folks around the world. Reach out today. I'd love to chat! 

Phone: 303-906-1735

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